Third Party Manufacturer

Parul Health Care Pvt. Ltd. is one of the leading third party pharma manufacturing and supplier  of all kind of tablets, capsules, syrups, dry syrups, ointments,injectables ,soft gels,betalactam , sachets , ayurvedic and herbal medicines. Customers can check our product list in our website.

Third party manufacturer or contract manufacturing  is refer to outsourcing of products and get manufactured product on your name from other manufacturer plant . Third party manufacturing is beneficial for companies, because it comes with its fair share of problems. Contract Manufacturing is one of our valuable and most esteemed services. We handle various Pharma Contract Manufacturing Services.  

In today’s context ,the contract manufacturing is quite challenging. Development of new components and technologies demands high capital investment and specialized resources . Pharmaceutical is growing rapidly worldwide, and expected to accelerate at a very robust rate over the next five years globally. It has been observed that production equipment being used by different manufacturers is quite similar. In manufacturing, much of the cost competitiveness comes from the manufacturing process yield. This yield can be increased through an accurate control and handling of the manufacturing equipment, careful selection of materials and their proper handling on the product line. In other words, the manufacturing process yield depends on the knowledge of the production process expertise, and how well they are able to motivate and educate production operators.

Any business  growth and profit  depend on its services. Parul Health care Pvt Ltd has a team of Pharma Professionals. We believe in mutual benefits to get the success. We always provide best services to our associates for the Third Party Pharma Manufacturing.

  • Parul Health Care (P) Ltd. provides best quality and timely delivery.
  • We provide competitive prices.
  • Best designing and packing material will be provided from our end.
  • Parul Health Care (P) Ltd. team also assist our associates for trademark & drugs registration.

All our services that we provide to our partners, makes us one of the best Third Party Pharma Manufacturer in India. These are very beneficial services that contribute in the growth of your business and accelerate profits.